I got my first "real" camera from my dad when I was about fourteen. A Pentax. Bought it in a secondhand store in Dakar, Senegal, at the bottom of the hill, in the corner store not far from the marked. I loved it. He taught me how to set the exposure and I began to experiment. My favorite shot was a close up of a hibiscus in my parent's garden. I was taught to develop film by Mister T. in the dark room down the hall. I wish I could go back to those times. 

My real photography education started when my son was born. Digital photography was born at about the same time. Then I discovered Photoshop and my life changed. Forever. 

I love my cameras, my gear, computers and Photoshop. It's my world. I love learning new techniques, experimenting. I love looking for the right light, the right angle, the right moment. 

..... the moment that laughs.....

That's me. 

It starts with my camera in hand. It ends with my digital dark room. And then I smile.



My gear:

I am a Nikon girl. My first Nikon was a Nikon D50, later I upgraded to Nikon D90 and later D800. Now I shoot Nikon D4s and Nikon Df.  I have, according to my husband, too many lenses.  But I love them all. And he must love me because he willingly supplies my gear lust. ;)  

I edit with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC. I also occasionally use OnOne PhotoSuite Pro and Alienskin Exposure. 

I continually fill my need for education via Creative Live, Craftsy, Flickr and 500px. And books. Lots of books.